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Pensions - A General Introduction

Too few people realise how important it is to plan for their retirement, especially if they wish to retire before they are eligible for state pension benefits.

It is well known that we are all living longer, with more people taking early retirement. This means that proper retirement planning is vital so that you will have sufficient pension income in those retirement years.

Personal Pension Schemes

Pension planning has never been more important. The government makes it attractive by giving tax incentives to help you to look after your own future. Can you even rely on state benefits being available to you when you retire?

Investing a regular amount of money or a lump sum into a Pension Plan has been the most popular method of making retirement provision. At retirement age, it is also possible to draw the pension fund as a lump sum with no tax to pay, or to purchase an annuity. Independent advice can help you make a rational choice about a very important long-term decision. You need to know what you can do now about making a difference to your own future wealth and standard of living. Our pension service incorporates a review of your current arrangements, explaining the various pension schemes and investments available, and making recommendations.

No one will suggest that a pension should be the be all and end all of your personal finance arrangements, but putting one in place is an important long-term investment decision. Even if retirement seems a long way off right now, just think of what life would be like if the state pension of the equivalent of £100 a week (in today's monetary terms) was all you had to live on…

If you haven't set up a pension yet, then armed with these basics it is now time to contact Castiel Winser to obtain some quotations from our carefully chosen selection of pension providers. There is no time like the present!